Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Voice Controlled Internet Protocol

Our venture capital firm, Four Guys That Haven't Even Graduated Business School Yet, is ready to enter the prototyping phase of a revolutionary network protocol that leverages recent advances in speech recognition with existing, under-utilized infrastructure.

One of our members was an engineering student for almost a whole semester, and he is like 95.7% sure that this is a great idea. You see, the existing phone network was designed for analog communications, but the internet is all digital. This is why AOL was so slow. But the phone system is really good at carrying voice. Today, advanced programs like Siri can easily decode voice to talk to computers! Ka-Ching! No need to lay new cables for broadband internet; our technology lets users simply use the phone lines they already have with their iPhones.

We are looking for talented engineers to implement this great idea. Our venture capital firm is still in the process of raising funds, so initial compensation will be limited. However, applicants will have the opportunity to work directly with the company's CEOs, CFOs, VPs, and Treasurer.

Make it Rain!

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