Wednesday, October 24, 2012

.gif Industry Fashions!

The Internet has produced two of the most popular entities of the past century: The animated gif, and the novelty T-Shirt.  Everyone remembers the first cat gif they saw, and everyone has their favorite t-shirt shopping website.  Unfortunately, no one has been able to combine these two passions.

No one has been able to, that is, until now.  We are proud to introduce .gif Industry Fashions(.gIF)!  Now you can proudly display your favorite animated gif on a customized t-shirt of your choosing.  Using our novel "shutter-shade" approach, your friends need only don the empowering headwear, and take a brisk jog past your t-shirt!

We here at .gIF are looking for computer scientists with at least 10 years experience in data compression, so we can fit longer gifs on each t-shirt.  We are creating prototypes of long sleeved t-shirts, which you can utilize in your work.  We are also looking for graphic designers and psychologist to assist in surreptitious ad placement in the animated T-shirts.  Applicants should submit their resumes in the form of an animated gif.

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