Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Google Glass Privacy Filters

The innovative minds at Hear-No:Speak-No, creators of the webcam “sticky-note” privacy filter, are proud to announce their newest prototype: The Google Glass Privacy Filtarrrr.

As mobile technology becomes more prevalent, it is important to keep privacy in mind from the beginning.  As of now, Google Glass cannot peer directly into your soul.  However, the Google Glass terms and conditions do not explicitly state that this feature will never be added into future revisions of the operating system.  There are many times throughout the day that our thoughts diverge into questionable areas.  Our newest technology tries to assuage the potential breach of privacy through the use of the Google Glass device.

Our current prototype is show below.  The user simply places the Privacy Filtarrrr over the eye that Google Glass is monitoring, and prevents the system from picking up any latent thoughts from their subconscious.  No more need to fully remove the google glass device!  Now you can protect your thoughts one second, and watch your favorite internet cat video the next.

Coming soon from Hear-No:Speak-No: Google Glass Privacy Filtarrrr designs.  Now you can show your support for your favorite pointless causes through personalized designs on the face of the Privacy Filtarrrr.

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