Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nostalgia-Box 256

We here at Rose-Colored Industries is looking for content developers for our newest gaming console, the Nostalgia-Box 256.  The primary focus of this new console is to bend to the wills of the hard-core gamer demographic.  Instead of focusing on new Intellectual Property, we will instead focus on remaking each users favorite games in the new generation.

Gaming consumers desire the ability to play their favorite game from previous console generations.  Therefore, we are looking for developers to create backwards compatible hardware for our new console.  This will allow customers to play *ANY* created game on the newest platform, assuming they have all of the necessary components (namely the game, the old console, and its associated controller).

Also, it appears that gamers are worried about requiring an always-on connection.  They also dislike the trend of games only having an online multiplayer component.  Therefore, our console will not connect to the internet at all.  All game patches will have to be loaded onto the console via a USB flash drive (not included).

We believe that these minor changes are exactly what the hard-core gaming community desires.  We are looking for developers that are willing to port their old games to a new set of hardware constraints, as well as indie developers to push the state of the art with new game play mechanics that only 20-30 gamers will ever see.

If you are interested in working with our console, contact  We will provide you with a special link to our kickstarter campaign featuring developer only rewards.

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