Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ideas for Freedom

Ideas for Freedom nlc.*, a contractor for the NSA is rapidly expanding our operations in the field of Idea Harvesting and Rapid Implementation. Agile developers are needed to implement prototypes of projects generated by our multiple idea streams, which include the emails, phone calls, text messages, thoughts, and dreams (literal and figurative) of the American people.

We are looking for go-getters that are excited about revitalizing american manufacturing and business by implementing the ideas harvested from the fertile minds of our citizens. Applicants should be well versed in the Agile Development Paradigm, have no moral compass, and be willing to relocate to Fort Meade, MD or Bluffdale, UT. Benefits include an on-site gym, being able to spy on your ex, Facebook administrative access, and a ice cream bar in the cafeteria.

To apply, just read your résumé out loud in front of your Kinect2.

* nlc. stands for "no liability company," a new type of company set forth by provisions in the                                                  

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