Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Book Deal!

Programmers Wanted has made it to the big time: we have a book deal*!

Here at the Programmers Wanted HQ, we have always dreamed of being celebrities with large mansions, butlers, harems, and preferential treatment from the US judicial system. Failing that, we will take the next best thing: Internet Famous.

That's right, Internet Famous. It's when an Internet "Personality" becomes well known enough that their Internet Bile leaves the Interwebs of forums, social media and micro blogs; and starts to seep into Meat Space via witty t-shirts, bumper stickers, and occasionally even books.

But we want our loyal reader** to know that we will not abandon you! Despite our new found Internet Fame, Programmers Wanted will continue to slog on, bringing you the cynical fake jobs postings you crave on a weekly basis.

One last thing: we are going to stop posting regularly. We may post every few months or so, if we feel like it.

* We don't actually have a book deal.
** Not a typo. There is only one loyal reader. You know who you are.

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