Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Call for Pre-Hackathon-Hackathon Hackers

Generic Frameworks and Platforms LLC. will be hosting a Hackathon to build a new framework or platform to be used in our future Hackathons. For the 48-hour funtastic event we will be providing free food and energy drinks, as well as prizes collectively valued at almost $100.

The theme for the event is "Build a mature, stable, and bug-free software framework to facilitate development of Apps." Contestants will be invited to attend our next Hackathon, for which the theme is "Build mature, stable, bug-free apps for our brand new framework: [INSERT FRAMEWORK NAME HERE]."

Disclaimer: Generic Frameworks and Platforms LLC. owns all legal rights to everything created at the aforementioned Hackathons. This includes, but is not limited to: code, logos, ideas, hopes, dreams, souls, and any child birthed (or conceived) at the event.

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