Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Graders Wanted

Simulated Instructors Inc. is looking for developers to generate an automatic grading application for college level computer science courses. Our product will target the growing "Tenured Professors Phoning It In" demographic, which our market analysis shows to be willing to adopt any effort saving technology.

Algorithms should faithfully simulate a human grader:

  • Insert vague, unhelpful comments for perfectly working blocks of code
  • Identify problem locations in code, but provide no feedback as to why they are incorrect
  • Ignore any comments the students include with their code
  • Enforce arbitrary coding standards that each instructor can personally specify, so that each semester the students have to learn new coding standards

The system as a whole should implement an exponential back-off scheme for returning grades to students. A linear back-off, or worse yet timely returning of grades, would be a blatant indication that the Professors are no longer doing their own grading.

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