Wednesday, February 27, 2013


SMRT Inc. is working on technology to make Cloud technology and services available to previously untapped markets. As such, Super Mercurial Realized Technologies is currently looking for dynamic computer scientists and engineers to tackle these difficult but rewarding challenges.

As Cloud services proliferate, the need for high-bandwidth Internet access is overwhelming our current infrastructure, and research[1] shows that this problem will only worsen. The problem will be compounded by increased competition for airwaves and an associated increase in prices.

As such, SMRT is developing what we are calling a "Personal Cloud Cluster" which places the conveniences of the Cloud in our customer's home, car, or office. Instead of connecting to the Cloud through high-cost networks such as 4g or hunting for Wifi networks, users simply connect to their own cloud server. The Personal Cloud Cluster has a small form factor and is battery powered, so the customer can carry it with them. The Cloud can now be where ever you take it! Simply power it up, and connect any of your laptop, phone, tablet or PC to your very own Cloud! Remember, the Personal Cloud Cluster is the Cloud, so no Internet connection is required!

[1] A Fauxname, C Maidup and W Notexists, "Who Actually Checks the Bibliography", Presented at Your Mom's House, Jan 2013

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