Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Are you NP-Hard Enough?

Coming this fall to Faux Reality Television, 10 programmers from various backgrounds will meet for the first time.  Locked in a room, the only way out is to devise a program that will compute the password to open the door.

Each week, hints will be given for algorithms and data-structures needed to generate the password.  The one programmer who has committed the least amount of code to the SVN repository will be flagged as garbage, and will be collected before the next weeks activities.

See the heated debates of documentation strategies.  Hear the muttered obscenities of a functional programmer forced to write C code for the first time in 15 years.  Laugh as the academic tries to get the entire team to formally prove their algorithms will always produce correct outputs.  Witness the near-blows confrontation over using emacs vs. vi.

In the end, one programmer will be left sitting near motionless in front of their computer monitor.  They will claim the top prize: A job at Nanoware in the Quality Assurance department, and the title Passable Programmer.

Attention Programmers: Passable Programmer Tryouts are being held in your area.  Show off your social incompetence by still submitting your application electronically!

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