Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Denial of Discourse

Winning! Inc. has recognized an asymmetry in modern discourse and is working on bringing tools to market which exploit this imbalance. The imbalance is this: it takes almost no effort to fabricate a fact, but much more effort to debunk even the most tenuously based assertions. Even an outright lie will take the opposition minutes to research and convincingly refute.

In fact, our research, supported by the International Coalition of Factoid Investigation, shows that a complete lie or fabrication takes on average only 8.42 Thought-Joules to produce, and nearly 578 Thought-Joules to debunk. Even the more difficult to produce "distortion of reality" or "misleading use of statistics", which on average cost 68.3 Thought-Joules to produce, are a cost effective measure as they cost just under Kilo-Thought-Joule to unmask with a success rate of only 85%.

In order to introduce our discourse altering weapons to market, Winning! Inc. is looking for pathological liars to finish honing our Mislead-a-Tron algorithm. We will hire those with the most impressive résumés, but don't worry, we aren't fact checking. Nobody has that kind of time.

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