Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This Year is Different

Profitable1Day has resolved to create a new mobile app, and is looking for a lead developer for the project. Development has already started, in Q1 2012, but stalled due to a slew of other projects getting in the way. But this year we are really committed to finishing it.

The project's working title is "Resolution-Tron" and it providers users with a convenient way to create resolutions and record their progress. Features include auto-social media sharing each time a milestone is achieved, inspirational quotes, and an "Ah-f*ck-it" button that will completely erase a resolution. Features for Lent are also planned.

This is a temporary, one year contract. Or maybe just a one month contract. We'll see how things are going in February. The applicant should be an experienced coder, with a proven track record of shipping products on time.

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